Friday, February 09, 2007

Local polluters penalized for evil-doing

The following entitites are gonna pay for polluting Brazoria County, according to today's issue of The Texas Register:

-- ConocoPhillips Co., Old Ocean, Brazoria County, Texas, PENALTY: $46,416

-- Equistar Chemicals, Alvin, Brazoria County, Texas; PENALTY: $14,450

-- INEOS USA LLC, Alvin, Brazoria County, Texas; PENALTY: $4,450

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Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at the American preoccupation with newstainment -- a combination of serious, in depth coverage of an 'entertainment' personality strictly for sensationalization and money purposes.

Sure she sold a lot of newspapers, but is she the American Dream? Would you want Ms. Smith held up as a role model for America's young daughters, and more specifically, your daughter?

I do feel sorry for her and her family. But that's the end of the story; I'd like to skip the ensuing news obsession designed to conjecture doubt, suspicion, and mystery. I'd especially like to skip the ensuing books, movies, money battles, and sad synopsis' of our society.

If Anna Nicole by some miracle left all her money to a charity, then that would be news. Otherwise, I'd like the coverage banned to Page 2, below the fold.