Friday, February 09, 2007

A girl from Mexia (TX)

When she was growing up in Mexia (pronouned muh-HAY-uh), Ann Nicole Smith was not considered particularly "pretty," remembers Alvin-based novelist Bill Crider,
whose brother was a teacher to the future sex symbol.

My brother doesn't like to talk to people about Anna Nicole. I just heard from him, and he has declined an on-camera interview with a Waco channel about Anna's death. He's implied to me that most people in Mexia are sort of ashamed of her. I think that's entirely the wrong attitude. To me, she's a great American story.

That's an interesting thought -- that she was a "great American story." I suspect, but don't know, that Bill means it's a great American story because she rose to the top based purely on her sex appeal, and America is engaged in a constant tug-of-war with its Puritan roots and its sex-obsessed id (who's winning? beats me!)

Or maybe he's referring to how she grabbed for the brass ring, so to speak, by marrying a rich old guy who died, and was thereby plunged into a nasty legal fight with her deceased husband's scions, and was driven to drugs and alcohol in the process. Is that it, Bill?

It looks like cable TV news will be on the case 24-7 at least through the weekend, and probably longer, so get ready for an avalanche of Anna Nicole coverage.


JD Allen said...

I'd rather remember her as she was, than listen or watch the Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, etc. talking heads rattle on and on about her. So I'll just dig out all my old copies of "those" magazines and concentrate on the opposite of their coverage - which is, of course, the uncoverage.

Bill Crider said...

What I meant was that she went from a small-town girl that nobody really noticed, and from her job at Jim's Crispy Fried Chicken, to being a Playmate of the Year and a "personality." Hey, she was even in a movie with Paul Newman. If that's not living the American Dream, what is?

Anonymous said...

"If that's not living the American Dream, what is?"

Drowning in your own puke before you're forty?