Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ron Paul: presidential juggernaut?

We'll concede that Barack Obama is gettin all the play these days in the '08 presidential oddsmaking, but some people are ecstatic about Our Congressman sayin' he's contemplating a run. We think Obama's peaked too early. Watch out for Ron Paul, layin in the weeds!

A sampling ...

American Chronicle:

"This is an opportunity for what might be a pursuit worth thinking about—retaking the Republican Party, now that the warmongering neocons have run it pretty much into the ground."

Lew Rockwell
So far, the establishment press has largely ignored or dismissed his candidacy. That’s good! That means that if he becomes a serious candidate, it will be a victory for the blogosphere against the establishment press. In the meantime, enjoy the ride. How often do you have a chance to strike the same blow against the political establishment and its partner in crime, the establishment press?

Free Market News

"I ask Americans when I see them, when exactly did "W's" popularity nosedive. I have asked this question over and over and almost everyone tells me the same thing. They lost patience with him when he did a flyover of New Orleans after the flooding and then, later on - when it wasn't enough to illustrate his famous "compassionate conservatism," staged a one-night 'hit-and-run" down there where he promised TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS for a recovery effort. Just like that!

People were disgusted, I think. His war was costing billions, his "No Child Left Behind" educational policy was a boondoggle, he'd never vetoed a single spending and the dollar was losing ground to just about every major currency in the world. And here comes ready to spend another TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS because of a fizzled photo op. The connection was clear and George Bush was finished. Up 'til then voters, many Americans I think, had been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But after that flyover, and that attempted giveaway, he was cooked, "toast," done to a turn. American voters knew he was just as bad as his old man - in it for himself, not for any larger purpose."

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