Wednesday, January 17, 2007

George Foreman VI? Doomsday "nearer"

Houston native and former prizefighting champion George Foreman appears poised for another Rocky-like comeback.

In the Middle East on a promotional tour of his line of cooking products, Foreman lamented the lack of "personalities" in boxing today. (link)

In other news, it was reported moments ago we all are closer to Doomsday. (link)


Anonymous said...

Someone regifted me a George Forman grill--one of the big ones-- this Christmas. After using it twice, I put the behemoth back in its original packaging and carried it to the curb.

I also have one of the small versions, a Christmas gift from several years ago, that I never use. It sits there, year after year taking up valuable cabinet space. It too needs to go to the curb.

No wonder George is hawking his crappy products overseas. Probably his boxing comeback should happen over there too.


Banjo Jones said...

i've got one gathering dust too, Don.