Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Excitement grows over Bush liberry

The undisclosed location of the new, soon-to-be-announced George W. Bush Library, Booksellers & Javatorium is sure to be a feather in some university's cap, with excitement and anticipation over the location growing steadily as the final two years of the Bush presidency tick down.

The specific contents of the Bush library are strictly a matter of wild, unsubstantiated conjecture at this point, with exact plans being kept under wraps, but there is a strong push among some Bushologists to "go for the offbeat," which could mean including all the discarded Nicorette patches that First Lady Laura Bush's Secret Service detail has collected during the stress-filled eight years in the White House.

The president's personal library -- he is said to be a voracious reader who consumes some 60 books per year -- is expected to be included (but without the Reader's Digest Condensed books, which will be donated to the schoolchildren of Iraq).

Fund-raising for the $200 million-plus project continues apace, according to news reports.

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