Sunday, December 31, 2006

Would you like to stop smoking?

Soon, I predict, I will feel like jumping off a cliff. Or darting suddenly into highway traffic.

I've been here before because I've quit smoking before.

Now, I'm about to do it one more time.

Actually, I've already begun.

The original plan was to start tomorrow, the first day of the New Year, but as often happens, I ran outta cigs earlier than I anticipated.

So I started thinking, hell, I might as well start now, New Year's Eve Day, instead of postponing the inevitable feelings of anxiety, panic, etc.

Now, it occurred to me that regular readers of this weblog won't necessarily find it interesting to read about me not smoking. But the problem is that not smoking will be a major topic on my mind for awhile, so I will likely write about it, not because it's necessarily entertaining or enlightening, but just because it'll be on my mind and therefore I'll blog about it.

So, as a public service to regular readers, I have decided not to subject you to any more blog posts about my efforts to quit poisoning myself with tobacco smoke

To that end, I have created a new blog with entitled, "Stop Smoking With Banjo Jones."

There's nothing on it yet, but there will be within 24 hours, I predict. Here's the link: CIick here.

Maybe some of you who have decided to use the start of the new year as a launching point for a smoking cessation program will participate via the comments section.

Or, perhaps those of you who already have quit smoking will share tips and srategies that worked for you.

OK, now I'm gonna go walk around the block cause I haven't had a smoke now for 18.5 hours.


Bill Crider said...

About ten years after my father stopped smoking, I asked him if he ever thought about smoking. "All the time," he said. "Sometimes I dream about it."

JD Allen said...

Good luck, my man. I couldn't quit until they stuck me in Methodist for a few days. Morphine and demerol can get you past those first critical hours/days.

Banjo Jones said...

my ex mother in-law said she used to think she smelled cigarette smoke in the house years after she quit ... and no one else in the house smoked

i'd go for some morphine and demerol, but that'd probably lead to a whole new set of problems, knowing the way my brain works

JD Allen said...

Yeah, I think it was really the fact that I had to go so far to burn one and I didn't want to haul that IV and stuff through that maze of corridors, crosswalks, floors, wards and wings.

The catheter was kind of embarrassing, too. Handy, though.

Jim said...

Good luck, Banjo. I've never tried anything as hard as what you're up against. I'd be happy if I could just lose 30 pounds. Hang in there and you'll make it.

Leigh said...

Good luck, Banjo!
Hey -- didja know this is my last day at the Chron?

Jim said...

Seen this: the Quit Counter?

Banjo Jones said...

thanks, jim