Saturday, December 30, 2006

Being Ted Poe

We stumbled across the tail end of Nancy Grace's show on CNN Headline News tonight and were surprised to see Houston Congressman Ted Poe, Republican from the 2nd District of Texas, discussing the apparent pitfalls for gaining child custody that the singer Britney Spears has presented for herself with her partyin' ways.

Poe opined cheerily that neither Britney nor her soon-to-be ex-husband deserve custody of the two young boys who are caught in the middle of the couple's divorce, but that Ms. Spears ultimately will prevail cause the mothers almost always do, even though she has been photographed out on the town a lot lately (including once without underpants!)

Checking Poe's Website, we were fascinated to read that "Judge Poe takes his passionate, common-sense approach to problems to Washington, D.C. where he has a commitment to security for the citizens of Congressional District 2 and the entire state of Texas."

Whatever you say, Ted.

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