Monday, November 20, 2006

Top 10 reasons Britney Spears is divorcing

(as submitted by Letterman viewers.)

10. "Annulment" was too hard to spell
Matt S., Hoffman Estates, IL

9. Realized all they really had in common was a love of tater tots
Keith B., West Chester, PA

8. Hard to believe, but K-Fed really is as dumb as he looks
Shep M., Lexington

7. Fed up with that Borat guy getting all the attention
Edward K., Fairfield, CT

6. Kids are now ready to handle driving and errands
Lloyd C., Clovis, CA

5. Got tired of all the crying and diaper changes -- plus, she had to take care of the kids
Joseph S., Monroe, NY

4. Have you heard K-Fed sing? 'Nuff said
Duane S., Yuba City, CA

3. She and Mr. Federline simply couldn't agree on a unifying construct to reconcile contradictory ideas in theoretical physics, and eventually that takes a toll on any marriage
Dave G., Harrisburg, PA

2. Tired of tripping over all of K-Fed's unsold CDs
Jim Y., Cocoa

1. Romance fueled by pork rinds and Red Bull can only last so long
Steven T., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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