Monday, September 25, 2006

Who is Bill Crider?

I've been calling him "The Bard of Alvin" for a year or two now, given his prodigious output of fiction, and he heeded our call sometime back to clean up the Nolan Ryan statue in front of Alvin City Hall, which he accomplished with a single phone call.

You perhaps did not know that he actually co-authored a few books with weatherman Willard Scott. We heard or read this awhile back and didn't realize they were talking about THE Willard Scott.

I check in on his blog several times a week, which alerted me today that he conducted this interview with Steven Torres.

After you read it, you will realize that when People Magazine does an issue on the "50 Most Fascinating People of Brazoria County, Texas," The Bard of Alvin will surely make the Top 10, maybe even the Top 5.


Bill said...

Thanks for the plug. I can use all the help I can get.

Anonymous said...

People Magazine doing a piece on anything to do with Brazoria County is as far-fetched as National Geographic coming to the county to do a piece on pretty fat wives. It won't ever happen, son. Bank it. You'd have had a bit more credibility citing Dog Fancy magazine.