Sunday, September 24, 2006

Halloween scheduled for Oct. 31

Do you like Halloween?
It's not too early to start thinking of your Halloween costume choices this year. I came upon this young man the other day posing in his front yard for his mama to take pre-Halloween snapshots. I politely asked the mama if I too could take the lad's picture, as I happened to have my Sony Cybershot in the pocket of my dungarees while walking the dogs. The mama looked a bit apprehensive, so she probably was worried that I might be a child molester, but she finally agreed with a nervous laugh and I limited myself to one picture (see above) and went on my way. I keep forgetting that parents of young children get a little nervous when middle-aged strangers start taking photos of their offspring.


Anonymous said...

Middle-aged? Not you, Banjo, Old Sport. You're a few whiskeys past middle-age, son, which may explain this mommy's apprehension at letting you Kodak Moment her child. My advice: go shoot those Filipino dancers at Big Red's Dance Bar in Galveston. Post those sexy, breast-less reeds for the pleasure and enjoyment of your loyal readership, lost as it may be in Ruralia, which, as you know, is just a "spit & a spitoon" this side of Genitalia, the county seat.

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