Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bocephus II: wherein Hank Williams Jr. talks about what it's like to be the son of Hank Williams

Yesterday, Don Imus asked Hank Williams Jr. what's it like to be the son of Hank Williams.

It's like this, said Bocephus:

"When you've got a father that is looked at (as) a God-like figure, that is basically an American rock star that dies at 29, those are huge shoes."

There are three "godfathers" of American music, he said:
"One of 'em is named Elvis, one of 'em is named Frank and the other is named Hank. I'm the son of one of those godfathers. So, ya know, they put you on the stage and (say) `Hey, he's eight years old, he's old enough, let's get him out there and let him stand there and sing for everybody.'

Oh my gosh.

I've got some of those videos -- they're hilarious. Hands in the pocket, ya know. (Changing to a falsetto voice) `Good-bye Joe, me gotta go.'

Yeah, a little different."

Early in his career, he said he had a manager from the Bronx who insisted he stop playing "that rock 'n roll. `Stop all that shit. Just hump over the mike and act like your daddy.' "
"I said I ain't gonna do that."

He'd rather just stay home and open the mailbox everyday to collect the royalty checks from his father's legacy instead of imitating him on stage, Bocephus said.

Hank Williams Jr. said he plays about 25 dates a year.

In the fall, he chooses not to tour, preferring to stay home to hunt, fish and watch football. He likes to gamble on the games in Vegas.

How'd he get the nickname "Bocephus"?

Back at the Grand Ole Opry, when he was a kid, there was ventriloquist. Bocephus was the name of his dummy.

"It also means large horse," he said.

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