Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ann Richards -- gone

The former Texas governor died at home in Austin.

We admired her for admitting she was an alcoholic even after she assumed high public office, unlike the fellow who replaced her, who quit drinking at around the same stage in life Richards was at when she gave up John Barleycorn, but won't say publicly (or privately for all we know) that he's an "alcoholic."

Denial -- it ain't just a river in Egypt, baby!


Anonymous said...

Ann was the meanest person I ever interviewed. Kind of like Barbara Bush, who also presents a sweet face to the public, but is vicious with the press. Nevertheless, I liked and admired Ann.
-- LEigh

Anonymous said...

If one can quit and stay quit without ever admitting to being an alcoholic, perhaps they were not an alcoholic. Perhaps they were just a drunk.