Friday, August 25, 2006

Kooky politicians don't fade away, they endorse Intenet gambling sites; what would Kinky do?

Jesse Ventura, the former wrestler turned governor of Minnesota, is now advertising an offshore Internet gambling site.

Maybe that's not the fate most of us envision for a former elected chief executive, but Ventura never was about politics as usual.

Still, it begs this question: what if Kinky Friedman is elected governor of Texas, serves one term (like Ventura) and then leaves office with his state holding a deficit (like Ventura).

What then?


Gambling sites, no. Picanta sauce, definite maybe. Pickup trucks? Possibly. Beer? You betcha. Erectile Dysfunction aids? YES, great comic possibilities there. Premium cigars? Absolutely, but only if free-cigars-for-life are part of the compensation package.

Lecture circuit? Definite maybe, especially on East Coast college campuses, where the Texas schtick will be on fire. Lots of guest spots on Leno & Letterman. Regular cooking segments with Regis & Kathy Lee, Ellen DeGeneris and the like.

Music? Duets with Willie, Dolly & Big and Rich? Yes. Comedy club appearances with Larry the Cable Guy? Sure, with an HBO special.

Movies? Oh yeah. A biopic like the Howard Stern movie, with lots of cameo appearances by Willie, Dylan, Larry the Cable Guy, Gary Busey, and so forth.

Diplomacy? Mmm, yes, I think so, may several years down the road. An ambassadorship to Israel, or, hell, Syria, Lebanon, one of those places. Why not? Everyone could use a laugh over there, and lots of beer and cigars.


Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

BlogNetNews has this post under the 'liberal' side, Banjo.


Banjo Jones said...

wonder how they figured it that way.

StopKinky said...

That's hilarious.

What are the prospects for another reality TV show?

Cristian said...

What's "Picanta" sauce? Can I get some down in Brazoria County? Is it a Dow by-product?

Banjo Jones said...

Picanta sauce is the female equivalent of Picante sauce. It's a tad lighter that Picante but some say a little spicier, in a non offensive way. Dow's condiment division is continually tweaking the recipe as demands of the Tex Mex food industry change and grow.