Friday, August 25, 2006

"5 Signs Your Blog Post Is Going Horribly Wrong"

from "MBToolbox

1-So as I'm writing this, I'm at my apartment building in Chicago. It's hazy outside and the Chicago White Sox are playing like crap, which really bugs me. Anyway, I'm hungry for dinner but I've got to write this blog post first.

2-Also my feet hurt. Do you ever wonder if there really is such a thing as an attractive yet comfortable sandal? I do.

3-So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. I think I'm having cucumber salad for dinner.

4-The salad is made with a seeded cucumber, a sliced red onion, some unsalted peanuts and white balsamic vinegar (which I didn't know existed until recently.) I also like to add salt (because I like salt too much) and a little red pepper.

5-5-Boy, the White Sox are really stinking right now, did I mention that? I think I'm going to turn the game off soon. I don't know how a team so good can play so badly. They really ruin my nights when they play like this. It's only the 3rd inning or so and we are already down 3-0 and the Tigers are still threatening. Jeez.....

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Anonymous said...

God that salad sounds good.Do you post recipes?