Monday, July 17, 2006

Outdoor advertising in these United States

What you do is buy a big blow-up creature and stick it on top of your business. Doesn't matter what it is. A mean-looking wrestler guy, a parrot, a cowboy, a monster, a gorilla. It says to the motoring public, "Hey, dumbass, look at this crazy blow-up deal we've got on our roof! Why dontcha come on in and see what we're sellin', you hayseed." I guess it works. Cause you see this crap everywhere these days. Posted by Picasa

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Anne said...

Oh my goodness. One of the FIRST things I noticed when I moved to the Houston area was all the businesses along I-45 that had giant blow-up gorillas on top of them. I have lived in many different cities across this great country, but hadn't yet seen the giant blow-up animals on top of car dealerships. It still cracks me up!