Friday, July 21, 2006


Exploiting Sick People Network

Viewers of ESPN's Sportscenter program have been "entertained" for the last two weeks to stories featuring sick kids who get their "sports wishes" granted.

It involved the sick child getting to meet his or her sports hero, who might be Roger Clemens or Tracy McGrady or some other famous athlete, and getting to hang out with them and get free stuff with autographs on it.

There was always something a little creepy and unsettling about this series to us.

Sure, sure we sympathized -- and, yes, even rooted for the children and their parents -- and we're glad that their sports wishes, with the help of the Make A Wish Foundation, were fulfilled.

Still, there was this faint voice telling us, Hmmmm.

What was it?

Was it that big Disney (owner of ABC and ESPN) logo that Sportscenter featured on the screen during each sick-child-gets-wish-granted show?

No, that couldn't be it. But maybe that was part of it.

Now that the series is over we've come upon the full answer, which now will be delivered, Jeopardy! style, in the form of a question.

Would ESPN and "Disney" and the famous athletes be doing any of this if it wasn't being taped for a gee-ain't-we-wunnerful TV show?

They would?


Then why don't they do it and not tell anyone about it?

Because then it wouldn't be worth doing?

Are we just being crabapples about all this?

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Kevin said...

Are we just being crabapples about all this?


Something bugged me about this series too, and I think you've nailed it.