Friday, July 21, 2006

CIA contractor canned for blogging

We know newspaper editors have no sense of humor, and now it turns out neither do CIA contractors.

The self-described "Erma Bombeck of the intel world" was fired for her blog, whose readership was restricted to a select intel audience.

Christine Axsmith wrote about the CIA cafeteria food and, uh, the government-sponored torture thing with which some take issue.


Here's the Washington Post's story.


Rob Booth said...

At first I thought your headline said: "CIA contractor caned for blogging," i.e., hit with a stick.

I thought that was cruel and funny.

Banjo Jones said...

A bill that calls for the caning of bloggers is stuck in committee as the thinking now is that loss of livelihood is probably sufficient punishment for exercising free speech; this, however, is subject to change.