Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stop the presses ... this just in ... Houston Dynamo player Brian Ching "warms up"

In the journalism business, "localizing" entails inserting whatever local angle there may be in a story that emanates from the outside world.

Hence, in today's "breaking news" story about the USA's 1-1 tie today with Italy in World Cup soccer competition, we get this sentence in the 5th paragraph following a description of a bloody head wound delivered to American Brian McBride:

Houston Dynamo striker Brian Ching warmed up while McBride was treated for his head wound.

There is no other mention of Ching in the story.

I'd bet a nickel a copy editor watching the match in the newroom in Houston inserted the sentence into sportwriter Joe Conway's story, since he or she's been repeatedly leactured by the all-knowing higher-ups to localize, localize, localize.

But I could be wrong.

Anyway, Go Dynamos!
Oh, and USA! USA! USA!

addendum: Hey, whattya know, I just discovered Brian Ching WRITES A BLOG for the Houston daily. Hat tip to Memo.

And a sweeping doff of the hat and bow at the waist to multi-tasking DynamoBrian Ching, too. Can't wait to read his blog description about what it was like warming up during Saturday's Big Match.

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