Friday, June 16, 2006

Equistar wins emissions event contest for May

There were 10 petrochemical emissions events in Brazoria County during the month of May, and from the looks of it, Equistar Chemicals over in Liverpool had the biggest and best one.

The event extended over 2 days, from 5-28 to 5-29.

Here's the contaminents tally:

1,137 lbs. of 1,3-Butadiene
428 lbs. of Butane
630 lbs. of Butene
14,721 lbs. of Carbon Monoxide
11,494 lbs. of Ethylene (gaseous)
4,050 lbs. of Propylene (Propene)
2,061 lbs. of Nitrogene oxide
84 lbs. of Acetylene
1,661 lbs. of Isobutane
1,058 lbs. of Pentane
130 lbs. of Propane

All that at 100% opacity, so it was nice and smokey, which makes for a pretty sight with Chocolate Bayou juxtaposed in the foreground, if you were there and had your camera, which I wasn't.

Congratulations, Equistar.
[emissions report 76379]

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Cristian said...

Hmph. I thought my phlegm was unusually thicker and of a different color last month...