Thursday, June 15, 2006

Starbucks taking over America!

About an hour north, northeast of Atlanta, Ga., in a town called Commerce, there is a Starbucks right next to the interstate highway.

I don't get out of Brazoria County much, because the ways of your world frighten and confuse me, but this is the first Starbucks I have seen in such a location.

There was a kid who looked to be a teen-ager eating a sandwich at one of the outside tables and I asked him if he worked there.

He said, "Yeah."

So I asked him if Starbucks was starting to put up stores along the interstate highway system, since I hadn't noticed this one when I came up I-85 on my recent sojourn to Durham, N.C., six weeks earlier.

He said, yeah, this particular Starbucks just opened about a month ago, and that the coffee company wanted commuters to Atlanta to be able to buy overpriced coffee and such as that one their way to work in the morning. (EDITORIAL ASSISTANT'S NOTE: He didn't say "overpriced"; That's Mr. Jones' "opinion.")

So, you see, there's plenty of virgin territory out there for Starbucks to move into. The whole damn interstate highway system!

Which is more than 65,000 miles long.


Scott Chaffin said...

I knew this was the way when they opened one in Temple smack on 35. I personally cheer the Starbucks-drivethru-highway plan. The coffee along most interstates is execrable, and as a man who does a lot of windshield time, that's no good, see.

Overpriced, though? The biggest coffee at SBucks is $2. The biggest at 7-11 is $1.75. What's that? 15%? Worth it...

Banjo Jones said...

i'd say the market agrees with you, Scott.
i'd just as soon make my own, and carry a big thermos of it around w/ me if need be.