Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fluffy Cash going to academia, invites Banjo Jones to speak to UT journalism students

In one of her first acts as a senior lecturer and fellow in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, Wanda "Fluffy" Cash has invited Banjo Jones, founder of The Brazosport News, to talk to her students.

Cash, pictured here, is the former executive editor of The Facts newspaper in Clute who later became publisher and editor of The Baytown Sun.

Her decision to accept a position as the first Fellow to the newly created S. Griffin Singer Professorship at UT-Austin was announced last week in The Baytown Sun, Jones' hometown newspaper, which rejected his request for a summer internship in the mid-1970s.

Cash, apparently in a panic over how she'll keep today's journalism students entertained, immediately invited Jones to speak to her class.

"I expect you to come talk to my classes," Cash said in an email to Jones.

"I guess I could play a few tunes," Jones said a press release.

Jones said he doubts UT-Austin could meet his usual speaking fee, but said he might waive it because S. Griffin Singer was one of his journalism professors at The University and later was his city editor at the now-defunct San Antonio Light.

In San Antonio, Singer once suggested Jones do a story on the perils that motorcycle-riding police officers face while working funeral escort duty, but somehow the assignment fell into the dustbin of history.


Anonymous said...

she's a good woman.

Anonymous said...

she's a good, czar-like woman!

Cristian said...

I grew up in San Antonio, but my family only read the Express News. I remember as a kid thinking that whomever of my friends read the Light was somehow weird and different. But the Light did have better comics, IMHO.

I keep finding that you and I have a lot in common, Banjo. Welcome back!

Slampo said...

Banjo, will you make a "podcast" available of your lecture? Also, what are my chances in that online casino that advertises in Brazosport News? The market's getting scary, so would the online casino be a good investment for loose cash?

Slampo said...

Banjo will you make a "podcast" available of your lecture? Also, what are my chances in that online casino that advertises in Brazosport News? The market's getting scary again and I need a safe place to put my money.

Banjo Jones said...

no, Slamo.

Journalism lectures?
Maybe i'll type a few up and get some "react" from Bloggerville. I type better than I talk.

I'm not a gambler, per se, but the referenced online gaming parlor solicited an ad from me and i took them up on it. They're actually paying for it. But I don't condone gambling. Medical research has shown that brain neurons in certain people go nuts while gambling, which is why it's considered addictive behavior, if your brain is so inclined.

it's a buyer's market in real estate? the stock market is indeed scary.

Cristian, The Light was a sorry rag. At least when I worked there. But SA's pretty cool for a big city.