Thursday, June 22, 2006

The march of progress

 Work continues apace on the Paul Grohman Overpass in Pearland, located due north of the ongoing Buster Brown Overpass near the new South Fork subdivision. Together, along with the recently completely Kelly Hawes Overpass in Lake Jackson, the 3 spans comprise the tallest erections in recent Brazoria County highway construction history. Posted by Picasa


cacafuego said...

Ya'll really go it going down there. I mean with all of your overpasses named and all. Up here is bad old Harris county over passes are simply named after the streets they overpass. What utter lack of imagination and a blatant lack of maximizing revenue for the county. Can you imagine the branding opportunities???

Banjo Jones said...

we try to be trendsetters down here, cacafuego.

by saluting our civic do-gooders, we encourage public service. maybe you, too, could someday have an overpass named after you.

in the case of these 3 overpasses, the salutes go to Paul Grohman, former city manager of Pearland who was once told by a City Council vote to "get help"; Buster Brown, the former state senator whose statewide election dreams evaporated after he tried to give a golf putting lesson to a young female aide; and, finally, Kelly Hawes, the journalistic ethics advocate and former editor of the Clute daily, who gave up his management position to return to reporting for the Galveston daily.

Heroes, all.

Don said...

Wow! Those are some huge erections!