Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ryan Seacrest is not gay

But he is very rich.

So bully for him.

The host of American Idol is a restaurateur, a radio host and an E channel TV personality, so there's not much time to date girls like Teri Hatcher, he tells the NY Times.

The venerable Times, the most important newspaper in the world supposedly, just had to ask about the homo question.

Because of all the Leno jokes, wink-wink.

Wouldn't you feel, well, a tad sheepish if you were the reporter who had to ask him, or anyone else, if they are homosexual, when you wrote a story about them?

Why should anyone really care? Is that a public's-right-to-know issue?

Should Congress pass a law requiring newspapers to divulge whether their reporter is gay or straight whenever they write a story in which they ask the sexual persuason of their interview subject?

Oh, that'd be unconstitutional, most likely. And the newspapers would say it's none of our business.

What a country!

[ny times]

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