Wednesday, May 31, 2006

If we are what we eat, we're in trouble

Can someone put a stop to this madness?

KFC's newest creation is a "generous portion" of creamy mashed potatoes, mixed with corn, fried chicken, "homestyle" gravy and a 3-cheese blend.

It's all put in a bowl.

In other words:

"All the KFC favorites you know and love served in a convenient easy-to-eat bowl!"

Dispense with utensils altogether! Put bowl to pie hole and just let it slide on down.

With a big ol' jug o' sody pop, well, what more could you possibly want?

This calls it "KFC's Famous Bowls."

It's plural -- b-o-w-l-s.

This may mean there will be more famous bowls in the future. More combinations, but all, no doubt, starting with that "generous portion of creamy mashed potatoes."

The nation's Body Mass Index lurches onward, through the fog.


Jim Thompson said...

Banjo, I think it sounds just plain awful. I saw it advertised on TV last night and thought I must have misunderstood, because surely no one would market something that disgusting. Now that I read about it on your blog, I see that I heard right. And it's still disgusting. YUCK.

JD Allen said...

"bowls" possibly intended to resonate with "bowels"?

I want to try it, myself. All those things are good, and they are all mixed up once they are in your bowels, so why not?

My daddy used to put black-eyed peas on chocolate cake. And Great-Grandma Booth used to keep the head of a broiled squirrel back in her jaw, past where the Garrett's went, later, and keep it there till it was empty.

I never tried those things, but it's nice to know that it can be done, in a way.

Bill said...

This sounds like a David Letterman joke.

Jacquie said...

I didn't know what to think when I saw that thing. It looks like scraps people feed to their dog after a meal.

Lance said...

It's quite similar to a dish served in the Alvin HS cafeteria about 12 years ago (according to my bro, it's no longer available, but can be made).

It was called "Steak all the way". Included an open face steak sandwich, french fries on top, shredded "cheese", topped with warm gravy. The gravy was not quite brown and not quite enchilada gravy. Kind of a strange mix.. But that stuff was so good back in the day..

Anonymous said...

Banjo, this is a beautiful blog entry!