Friday, April 07, 2006

Wuppie babies at the starting line

If you're of the upwardly mobile persuasion, it's a vexing question: how does one get one's progeny off to the proper start in life?

There's the right Pre-K to consider, which is a prelude to the right private school.

What about work ethic? How does one lay the proper foundation for a supply-side world?

And how 'bout the will to succeed, a prerequisite for any youngster about to be plunged into the hyper-competitive global economy?

The latest answer to these questions comes to us from the Wuppies of West University Place, the twin-income parental units of the rapidly appreciating Inside-the-Loop enclave tucked inside of Houston.

Baby racing!

The West University Examiner-News reports exclusively that baby racing has become an "underground sport."

Faster, Brittany, faster!

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