Monday, March 20, 2006

Mechanical failure at Chocolate Bayou

The Chocolate Bayou Plant emitted 167.85 pounds of hydrogen cyanide the other day after a "mechanical failure."

Hydrogen cyanide is believed to be the substance that Saddam Hussein used on Iran and the Kurds back when he was the Supreme Ruler of Iraq.

I guess Saddam got rid of all that before we invaded his ass; Chocolate Bayou, on the other hand, has hydrogen cyanide to spare.
[emissions event 73172]

[wikipedia/hydrogen cyanide]


JD Allen said...

My comment got too long, so I'm keeping it. Sorry, Banjo. I did want you to know I was here, though.

Diane White said...

This is frightening! What do you suppose this is doing to the health of the local people?

Anonymous said...

Diane white is clear thinking. She must not live around here. Gee, we don't really think about it much anymore.