Friday, March 31, 2006

ExxonMobil to get $80,444 spanking

Over in Beaumont, ExxonMobil will pay a $80,444 penalty for a whole mess of environmental violations dating back to 2002.

Under the agreed order, the wrongdoing pretty much runs the gamut: not fixing leaky valves, unauthorized emissions of just about everything (sulphur dioxide, benzene, toulene, xylene, nitrogen oxides, etc.) and sloppy or nonexistent record-keeping in reporting the various flubs and miscues.

If you were a shareholder, you might be pissed, but then we remembered hearing something about ExxonMobil's record profits and realized the penalty is just chump change, so maybe the only people who really are concerned are the residents of The Golden Triangle, and even that's probably an exaggeration.

Ignorance can indeed be bliss. We know this from experience.

However, if you really want to read the laundry list of ExxonMobil misdeeds click the link below and scroll down to item # 3 under "Notice of Opportunity to Comment on Settlement Agreements of Administrative Enforcement Actions." (WARNING: if you take the time to read all this, you either have too much free time on your hands or are in serious need of a hobby.)

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