Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Dow Spangled Flare

O' say can you see

By the highway on the right,

When the process thing fails

The flare starts gleaming,

Whose smokey trail to the stars

Leaves a real scary sight,

O'er the Buc-ee's sign we watched

The feedstock was streaming,

And the flare's bright orange glare

Left a smell in our air,

Yet, true through the night

Our lungs were still there

Yo, say does that Dow banner's logo yet wave

O'er the land of the employed

And the home of the knave


Cristian said...

As usual, I met my wife for lunch Wednesday. She had our old college professor come down to help out with her band, and he joined us for lunch. As we were driving down Dixie to Vis-N-Vis, he asked what that flame was. We said it's Dow, doing its civic duty to make sure it's safe. He asked if he should be worried; we said of course not. The flame means it's working!

Banjo Jones said...

sometimes they go out, though. not often, but sometimes.