Saturday, March 18, 2006

An American bald eagle photographed near A-Town

Don at Enormous Incongruities was almost home after a long drive when he spotted what I consider a breathtaking sight, one that I've never personally experienced -- an American bald eagle.

I believe Don lives in or around Angleton. That such a magnificent creature could be spotted so close to a town (OK, it's Angleton and it's out in the boonies, but it's still "civilization," allegedly) fills us with hope that a creature once on the endangered species list will be around for many more generations, the good Lord willin' and we don't blow up the damn planet.

Click the link below and check out Don's shots. The eagle was carrying something that Don didn't notice until he got a look at his own pictures.
[enormous incongruities]


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do live in Angleton, on the north side near the Texaco.

And, yes, it was a magnificent sight. Unbelievable. This is clearly a case where preparation meets opportunity, which is one definition of luck I've often heard.

Thanks for the compliments and for the linky.


Mouth of the Yellow River said...

So that's whose been cleaning out my stockpond of largemouth bass. I thought it was the neighbor's kids.

Gladly donated to the cause.


cacafuego said...

I saw one around Lake Woodlands in the Woodlands TX. Its nice to see 'em. Beats the dime-a-dozen turkey vultures.