Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sinatra lookin' to whack "Grumpy Gynecologist"

A mystery candidate with the surname of "Sinatra" is challenging incumbent US Rep. Ron Paul, the "Grumpy Gynecologist" of Surfside who opposes American involvement in Iraq.

Sinatra's first name is Cynthia. And she's a Houston-based lawyer who lives in Wharton. That's all the the local paper could learn about her as neither the candidate nor her PR flak returned phone calls (what's wrong with these people?)

Sinatra, apparently, is doing it her way, though she is not believed to be connected to the deceased, allegedly Mob-connected singer that those of you of a certain vintage may recall was named "Frank." Frank was from Hoboken, New Jersey, where Tony Soprano holds sway. (Tony has a jail mug shot of Frank in his office at the Bada Bing gentleman's establishment.)

Sinatra is a "Republican" who has a history of voting in Democratic primaries (so, uh, she'll be on the GOP Primary ballot), Paul told the local paper.

There's no word yet whether she has the support of the waste management workers unions.

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