Friday, February 03, 2006

Is radio dying? Sick? Or just jittery?

The Federal Communications Commission recently completed an auction for FM Radio construction permits.

This occurred when many are wondering if radio has much of a future (due to satellite radio, mp3 devices, falling ad revenue, etc.)

All 16 FM construction permits offered in Texas found buyers, all in small markets. (Eight permits offered in other areas weren't sold, apparently due to lack of interest.)

The prices varied, ranging from a high gross bid of $734,000 for Iowa Park (located next to Wichita Falls) to a low of $45,000 for Rocksprings (in West Texas, north of Del Rio.)

So is radio dead or dying? Doesn't look like it.



Anonymous said...

No, but good radio is dead or dying.

In a city as big as Houston, it's wrong that I have to tune into KGSR from Austin online to hear decent music.

Banjo Jones said...

the market decides, presumably.

mikemcguff said...

I need a Banjo Jones radio station for Brazoria County.

Banjo Jones said...

Mike, I'd love to have a radio station. It's one of my fantasies. And I've got a face for radio, too, I'm told.