Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Der Loverly Bones

The new plan is working perfectly. The possum bones are bleaching out quite nicely.

Initially, the plan was to prompt the City of Lake Jackson into action (Action Jackson!) by taking note of the possum carcass discovered in the city's right-of-way along Yaupon, one of the City of Enchantment's more delightful thoroughfares, a place where young parents stroll with their offspring, old geezers (like me) walk their dogs and schoolchildren ride their bicycles.

Surely, the city's Dead Animal Division would dispose of the opposum corpse forthwith.

That didn't work. It's now Week 6. Or is it Week 7. They all run together.

A city contractor has even mowed the grassy right-of-way in the last week. They didn't run over the carcass, thank God, but took the trouble to either mow around it or to move it entirely to carefully manicure the grass under which the pile o' bones lay.

No matter.

I now have hundreds of digital images of rapidly decaying Peter Possum.

Enough, in fact, for a short documentary film comprised of time-lapse photography. I need a voice now for the documentary. Someone dignified. Walter Cronkite-ish. James Earl Jones-ish.

Then, sell the piece to Nature, the Public Broadcasting System program. Or head to the Sundance Film Festival next year.


Anonymous said...

one of the funniest things i've read in a long time.

Scott Chaffin said...

where young parents stroll with their offspring

I, for one, applaud Lake Jackson for maintaining this educational exhibit. Where else is a kid going to see a dead possum, not to mention a real-world demonstration of "dust to dust", these days? I sure hope these young parents, and any passing old geezers, are taking advantage of it.

Banjo Jones said...

you're absolutely right, scott. it'll be a good entree to a family discussion about Intelligent Design. or the ridiculousness of life.

MOTYR said...

‘Bout all this one’s good for is toothpicks at this stage, but next time you run across a fresh “sidewalk kill” gut it and put it on ice for me, unless ole MOTB’s production is down and he wants it.

Check a fine possum recipe I sent over to MOTB sometime ago.


Banjo Jones said...

wheeeee doggies, MOTYR. sounds like that'd put Granny Clampett's possum casserole to shame.