Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thus spake The Mouth of the Brazos

J.D. Allen is one of the more interesting bloggers in Brazoria County.

(There aren't that many of us. Brazoria County bloggers, that is. If there are others of whom I should be enlighted, please leave a comment.)

Anyway, in his latest post, he talks about Dow Chemical Co., which I enjoy ragging on from time just because, well, it's an easy target, I'll admit it.

But he worked there 30 years and knows way more about Dow than I ever will. He retired over a year ago.

In his latest remiscence, he says this about the company that holds sway down here in Brazposport:

It was never the fault of the company that I spent 30 years working for people who, in total, about 75% of whom should not have been instructing a mental incompetent in his job of putting plastic utensils inside a paper napkin. The other 25% was about evenly divided between those who were competent to do that, and those trying to keep the other 90% from fucking up too seriously.


Don’t get me wrong. Some engineers and chemists were smart as hell and damn good at their jobs. Management, though, seemed to be unable to tell which were, and which were good bullshitters and asskissers, and as a matter of fact, idolized the bullshitters and asskissers and promoted them almost exclusively.

Amazing! I thought to myself. Dow is just like the newspaper business.

There's one MAJOR difference, though, to which I can personally attest.

I never, ever, got a $3K bonus.

[Mouth of the Brazos]


JD Allen said...

Well, thanks a lot. It is kinda scary when the more prominent bloggers - meaning you, Banjo - notice you and use your name and quote one of your posts.

Cristian said...

I am a Brazoria County resident (albeit for 18 months) with a blog. I very much enjoy yours, since it's way more interesting than mine. If you check out my blog, leave a comment. The only one I've gotten so far is from a fellow Astros fan after the Pujols debacle. The one from my sister doesn't count.

Keep up the good work, Banjo!

Cristian said...

I hope to be added to your venerable list of blogs from Brazoria County. Off-the-cuff chat, along with sports and pop culture, provides the basis for my blog. Hope you can visit, and enjoy your stay.