Thursday, January 19, 2006

Osama Bin Laden says he will attack US again

"Just when and where he did not say," Bob Schieffer just reported on CBS.

Bastard Bin Laden.

At least he could say when and where. Damn.


Deep in the heart of Texas said...

I am curious as to yalls' views as to the pros and cons of the truce offered by Osama bin Laden.

Please list your pros and cons in regards to this subject, please be objective.

This is America Jack so sound off with your thoughts after listing your pros and cons

Citizens and Soldiers,


1. Less blood shed by our soldiers and the citizens of involved countries.
2. The government and independence of Iraq & Afghanistan can build it's strength more quickly with less resistance from terrorist forces.
3. Some more but not all of our troops can come home.


1. Losing our footing and having to regain it later will be more difficult than if we remain engaged.
2. The terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan will have more time to recruit, train and equip and would become a stronger more organized force.
3. We lay down our guns and they do not.

My thoughts and opinion,

Osama says he still wants to kill me and my fellow citizens and says more attacks to our country are coming.

If I have a man down in a fight; I will not let him rise to his feet and possibly harm me especially if he threatens me while he is down. I was taught to finish him. and that you cannot punch a man in the facewithout hurting your hand, it will hurt.

The truce appeals to my desire for closure and peace. However I reject the truce offered by this dog. His eyes twinkle upon mention of the destruction of my american God given right to *Life, *Liberty and the *Pursuit of Hapiness.

*He wants to deprive me of my life by murdering me.
*He wants to kidnap and behead me, Ahem I mean behead my liberty
*It is awfully hard to pursue happiness when this dirtbag is threating my country, government and way of life. And it is hard to puruse happiness when i am murdered.

******See the Declaration of independence and Constitution said...

I notice the Bin Laden tape was released just a day after it hit the news that we had annihilated four of his top people, including his numero uno bombmaker, at a meeting in Pakistan where they were planning attacks on our troops in Afghanistan.

The tape took over as the lead story ala war news.

They are very good at manipulating the media.

Banjo Jones said...

Here's my objective view:
kill Bin Laden and his followers.
train and arm the Iraqi armed forces.
get the hell out and let the sunnis and shias fight it out.