Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Terrorist humor

Watching The CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer last night, there was a report on the latest video from Al Qaeda's #2 man.

In the report, Schieffer reported that Ayman al-Zawahri called President Bush "a jinx" on America.

Did he just say jinx, I said to myself?

Yes, he did.

A jinx?

What an odd choice of words. You call someone a jinx when you're in the 4th grade. Or maybe a fink. But once you're out of elementary school, you've moved on to much choicer names to call your foes.

I was going to post on a blog on the jinx epithet, but every story I read online, including the one posted by CBS News, did not report that the word "jinx" was uttered by the Egyptian-born terrorist.

But I swear I heard Bob Schieffer say jinx.

With that said, the weekly newsletter put out by The Late Show with David Letterman has a weekly write-in contest of Top Ten topics. If one of your Top Ten topics reasons is chosen, you get a free Late Show mousepad.

Here's the latest contest results:

Top Ten Signs Osama bin Laden Wants a Truce With the U.S.

10. His videotaped messages are now accompanied by flowers and a box of chocolates
Steve W., Reading, PA

9. He's tired of missing yet another season of "American Idol"
Matty S., New Haven, CT

8. Admitted he became a terrorist just to impress Jodie Foster
Bruce A., Fairfax Station, VA

7. Being snubbed from Elton John's wedding was the last straw
Marc B., Palm Desert, CA

6. Rent-controlled cave just went condo
Dick B., Boston, MA

5. His latest audio tape warns of upcoming "Big Mac Attack"
Jim W., Hopkins, SC

4. Instead of calling Bush the "Evil Infidel," now calls him "My Wacky American Friend"
KC C., Bemidji, MN

3. Tired of spending all his time with camels, if you know what I mean
Mark I., Santa Rosa, CA

2. Newest phrase during videotaped rants: "Mild discomfort to America!"
Matt B., Los Angeles, CA

1. Sent a personal message to President Bush: "I wish I could quit you."
Mike N., Arcola, IL

Writing comedy isn't easy. Calling Bush a jinx, I think, is funnier. Not ha-ha funny, but weird funny.

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