Monday, January 30, 2006

More finishing touches on Austin statue

Refinements and finishing touches continue to be made to the gigantic statue of Stephen F. Austin, "The Father of Texas," on the south side of Angleton on Highway 288.

From the highway, it's looked all but finished for more than a month now, but get up close to it and you can see that the work continues.

In the picture above, you can see the lettering that's been added to the scroll that Austin holds in his hand: "1823 Austin Land Grant" it says.

You can still make a donation to help pay for the project. Eventually, there will be a park surrounding the statue and the visitor's center is nearing completion.

Unfortunately, the chain-link fence that borders the south side of the park is quickly filling up with political signage, which cheapens the dignitiy of the site. We strongly advise all politicians, as a gesture of goodwill, to remove those signs ASAP.

In the place "Where Texas Began," (ie., here), Brazoria Countians seeking public office ought to show a little pride in their history and immediately cease and desist their unfortunate cluttering-up of what we hope will become hallowed historical ground (even though we're not sure Austin actually stood in that spot with his long rifle and the land grant, although it's possible he actually did; who knows?)


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God Bless Stephen F. Austin!!

I will send the project a check from my meager reserves, Banjo!

Banjo Jones said...

Wow. Thanks, Ttyler5. said...

The least I can for the memory of the Thomas Jefferson of Texas!

Anyone can download my old banner of Austin, the Alamo, the Declaration and Thomas Jefferson right here:
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