Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shake-up in Houston's radio ratings!

There's been a shuffle at the top of the radio ratings in the Houston-Galveston market.

KBBX-FM, "The Box," slips from first to third while KODA-FM moves from 3rd to 2nd and KMJQ-FM "Magic 102" becomes the lead dog.

Meanwhile, KWWJ-AM, "Keep Walking With Jesus," located in the beautiful Houston satellite city of Baytown, has maintained its lead over KBME-AM, "The Sports Animal," and remains on the heels of conservative talker KSEV-AM, whose leader, Dan Patrick, is on leave to campaign for the glory of becoming a powerbroker in the Texas Senate.

KWWJ (13.60 on the AM dial), with a bevy of solid on-air personalities like popular afternoon host Skipper Lee Frazier, appears to be positioned to widen its lead over KBME and its "Sports Animal" know-it-all Charlie Pallilo, who is nearing the burnout stage with the incessant, non-stop and now-tedious chewing over of the Vince Young/Reggie Bush/Houston Texans draft dilemma, which won't be resolved until April 29, well after the Easter Bunny arrives.

[Arbitron ratings via Radio & Records]

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