Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pete at the Sundance Film Festival

He'll see 4 movies a day.

He writes:

I'll post when I can, if only to remind you how much fun bopping around Park City with a few thousand black-clad douchebags in Von Dutch hats really is.

I wasn't sure what a "Von Dutch" hat is, so I Googled it. Turns out they're just gimme caps advertising an apparel line that frequently are worned by well-known celebrities.

I feel so naive to the ever-changing hipster culture. But then I can't get a decent haircut either.


Anonymous said...

Von Dutch was a master hot rod pin stripper back in the day. As i understand it, he was a bigot/racist. Ita kinda funny that celebrities now wear his name.

ttyler5 Editor said...

"Liberal" Celebrities are bigots too! They are just bigoted against white people.