Sunday, January 22, 2006

How now Mr. Dow?

Dow Chemical Co. wrote a story in the local Clute paper today. How do we know they wrote it? Cause it said "Special to The Facts."

That's special journalistic code for "press release."

But we're not complaining. Cause the press release announced that for the next year, Dow will be celebrating its 65 years of service to Brazosport. A yearlong party sounds totally bitchin'.

“We’re planning some exciting activities for 2006,” said Jan Huisman, public affairs leader for Dow Texas Operations. “There will be an event for Dow families and the community. We’re still working on exactly what those will entail, but we’re very excited about the prospects.”

I hope there's a horseshoe tournament and a washers tournament. And pony rides. And a ferris wheel. And FREE DRINKS! DRINKS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS!! YIPPIEEE!!!
[the local paper]


JD Allen said...

The last Dow party I went to, and I mean THE LAST was a celebration they advertized as a real big ol' Texas barbeque at the fair grounds.

I got there and received my little door prizes, some dinky little things like a soft six-pack holder, a tote bag, whatever. Then I asked, "Where's the beer?"

I felt like the guy in the ad for Paulaner AllFruit, "Wouldya pleze pass tha jelly?"

I left. Who the hell ever heard of a real Texas barbeque with no beer?

Banjo Jones said...

that's unAmerican