Sunday, January 01, 2006

Let's get healthy in '06

As I suspected, none of you (0%) thought "work more diligently" was a good idea for a 2006 New Year's resolution, according to the results of the last Banjo's Mini-Poll, while 4% of the poll's 50 respondents said "concentrate more time on leisure activities" was a fine idea for the next 365 days.

An even half of the voters (50%) said they plan to "lose weight/exercise/eat healthier" in the New Year. LIARS! BIG FAT LIARS!! But well-intentioned chubby-cheeked liars, to be sure. (Good luck on that, though.)

The second most popular resolution was to "make/save more money" while 10 per percent of you said you'd like to "stop smoking and/or drinking and/or drugging" during the next year.

"Read more books" and "be a better partner to spouse/significant other" each received 6 percent of the votes while "do more charitable deeds" and "blog better" each matched the 4 percent votes received by leislurely minded Brazosport News readers (perhaps those 3 groups of 4% could get together and leisurely blog for a 4013(c) charitable cause on weekends.)

Finally, one lonely voter (2%) said the New Year's resolution that he should take on is to "subscribe to Sirius Radio to listen to Howard Stern." That's just sad.

6 comments: said...

How can we work more diligently when we are already working at maximum feasible diligence?

Anonymous said...

Banjo -- Why are there no gals on your poll of dead people you'd like to have crumpets with? Betty Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Pat Nixon, Sylvia Plath, Gertrude Stein, Princess Di ... I'm trying to think of dead women here I'd like to visit with ... The woman who studied gorillas ... etc etc

Banjo Jones said...

good point on the omission of gals. my original list had a marilyn monroe/katherine hepburn/gilda radner grouping, but it got cut in the revision process.

in the big picture of things, our patriarchal society has changed so slowly that a lot of women didn't have a real opportunity to do great historical things, imo.

i was gonna do a susan b. anthony grouping too, but sadly figured a lot of my readers would have little idea of who she was. maybe i'm wrong. i'm not sure.

getting pat nixon to talk is an intriguing idea. "so, pat, did you ever, during pillow talk time, call him Tricky Dick?" said...

I'd like to add that list of great American women Star Parker, the Conservative black woman who escaped the welfare culture and who has writtena book about it entitled "Uncle Sam's Plantation."

From Rosey Grier
"I have known Star Parker for almost 20 years. Her background gives her the experience to challenge us to get off the fence and get involved in creating a better society for all. I admire her for speaking up and expressing her fresh and compelling ideas. She is not striving to be popular; she is striving to be right. We all should be open to read and to learn from Uncle Sam's Plantation."

Anonymous said...

Need women? How 'bout Karen Carpenter and Mama Cass - the ying and yang of sandwich eating. Make the third one that Mansfield actress with big hooters that got her head tore off in train collision years ago. No real reason to include her, except the hooters.

Michael R
Montrose, Texas

Anonymous said...

Here is a good line up of "powerful" in-the-know women: Eva Braun (Hitler's girlfriend), Pat Nixon, Judith Exner (mafioso/jfk babe).