Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Houston daily biz columnist supports ethics

Loren Steffy, who writes a business column for the Houston daily, caught the attention of Jim Romenesko of the Poynter Institute, a journalism think in St. Petersburg that owns The St. Petersburg Times.

Steffy did so by railing on "journalists" whose opinions are for hire.

Bold stuff. Groundbreaking.

He begins his piece: "THIS space is not for sale. I wanted to let you know, because lately it seems that's a point that has to be clarified."

That's all very, uh, I don't know, good and right and entirely the way things should be in the Fourth Estate, but I doubt it needs clarification. Whatever.

But this does give me the opportunity to reiterate that I am for sale, so long as the price is right and I can reasonably justify the point you wish me to put forth (and rest assured I can stretch it, if need be.)

I've said this before, but never gotten any takers. But I'll bring it up again, just in case. Email me what you want me to support. If it passes my ethical standards, I'll let you know; then you send the cash. One thousand American dollars. I blog after the cash gets here. No funny money. No coins, just folding money. It'll all be under the table. Come to Papa. Baby needs new shoes.


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Anonymous said...

Heck, all this time I thought Loren Steffy was a girl.