Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Something PETA doesn't talk much about

The Good Book says Man has dominion over animals, but KSclenker, who's among my small roll call of Brazoria County (TX) bloggers, brings up a point that can't be emphasized enough:

Screwing animals is just plain wrong

Here, here.
No two ways about it. Even in Brazoria County. Even on Brokeback Mountain. It's just plain wrong. So just say no, ya hear? 'preciate it.


Anonymous said...

I saw where the Homeland Security people were spying on PETA without going to court first. Do you seen a link between the administration and this type of activity? Perhaps world domination begins with ... you know, animal domination.

Banjo Jones said...

I was wondering if any of you would pick up on that.

JD Allen said...

On second thought, I won't go there. I was sorta thinking about how much PETAs love animals...nah.

kschlenker said...

Thanks for the notice...
That was one creepy email I received. Some emails that are weird like that are probably fake, but this guy, he really believes his "relationship" with his yellow lab is okay.