Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Astros fans squawk about Ashby snub

Some Astros fans don't like the move to cut former catcher Alan Ashby from the team's radio broadcasts, but one said he understands the reasoning of team owner Drayton McLane and General Manager Tim Purpura. He explained on the team's Fan Forum:

Drayton and Purpura were feeling the pressure about improving the team and felt this was one of the priorities.
The two replacements are from the minors. Purpura is sticking to his rule-let the rookies play for experience.

That old peanut vender guy has been around a while, I guess he is next. I hear vender #132 in AAA is due for a shot this year in the pros.

Like President Bush might say, "It's all part of the strategery."

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