Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lucy & Ethyl go to work in a petrochemical plant

If they brought back the old I Love Lucy show, Lucy Ricardo and Ethyl Mertz might have decided to work in a petrochemical plant.

Their respective husbands, of course, Ricky and Fred, would have no knowledge of this. Let's say the girls decided they had to get jobs to save up money for a girls-only vacation to the Catskills, cause they need a break.

OK, they're on the job, not having much of a clue of the hilarity that's about to ensue. Ethyl complains she's cold. Lucy says, "Let's just turn up the heat." She starts twisting dials and knobs. Ethyl puts on a stocking cap and a pair of mittens.

Suddenly, the the Halo fire extinquishing system is activated!


The employees manual says there's an ozone depleting substance in the Halo system.

OH NO!!!

But wait! Another manual states it's not a "reportable emissions event!"

Whew. THAT was a close one!!

But then their supervisor walks in, and he looks remarkably like Mr. Mooney!!

The Mooney lookalike is NOT pleased.

He's going to report the incident to the state environmental authorities.

But FIRST, they better get outta this control room!

Boy, just wait til Ricky and Fred find out about THIS ONE!!!

[equistar air emissions event rept.]


JD Allen said...

Used to was, Banjo, that every winter either I or my lab/office partner would turn on the heaters in our trailer/office/lab, forgetting to disable the fire control system, and come in the next AM to find the halon cylinder empty.

Our bosses were pretty pissed - not because of the emissions, but because halon replacement was about $3K.

Keeping in mind, of course, this was before there was such a thing as a point source.

John D. Wilson said...

Just because it is not reportable, does not mean the TCEQ can't take enforcement action. The fine for this should be about $1,000. Sign here, Lucy.

p.s. - Ethyl was born in a chemical plant. Here birth name was tetra ethyl lead. When she got married, she got the lead out.

Anonymous said...

ETHYL is spelled ETHEL...I did it also & had to look it up in my" I Love Lucy" book...and this gives me a chance to read your blog.I will NOW read YOUR blog..