Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dennis Bonnen: Our Man in Austin

Rep. Bonnen, D-Angleton, set the Houston Chronicle straight about the $600,000 that petrochemical lobbyists contributed to Texas legislators, who saw fit to kill off various pollution control measures.

The contributions had nothing -- NOTHING! -- to do with the way legislators voted.

(If you concur and you own stock in these petrochemical companies, you should seriously consider DEMANDING that these payments cease and desist in order to maximize shareholder value.)

Bonnen then went on to tell the Houston daily:

"The people (I represent) work in these plants and live here...We understand these things, and we don't think they are dangerous."

I don't care what he says. I'm keeping my gas mask and hard hat handy at all times. In case of disaster, BE PREPARED!

Honestly, I don't why this guy returns reporters' phone calls. He just ends up looking ridiculous.


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cacafuego said...

Hey,I bet Rep. Bonnen could get some real nice office space for cheap at the BP refinery. Just overlook the craking unit right out back.