Saturday, November 05, 2005

Today's word

winsome \WIN-suhm\, adjective:
1. Cheerful; merry; gay; light-hearted.
2. Causing joy or pleasure; agreeable; pleasant.

And, oh, it was a sweet smile, they said, none sweeter, so
winsome and large it transformed her melancholy face.
--Flavia Alaya, [1]Under the Rose

The first time I met Diana, she was a winsome little girl
full of energy and mischief.
--Annabel Goldsmith, "I will miss her smile," [2]Daily
Telegraph, September 3, 1997

Every town has them, the youngsters who light up the
headlines in the provincial papers, who smash under-age
scoring records and throw you a winsome smile just to top
it all.
--"O'Shea junior's date with destiny," [3]Irish Times,
August 29, 1998

Willard R. Espy ... had such a winsome way with words,
such an elegant ear for rhyme and such a sure sense of the
absurd that he once began a poem with the words 'I do not
roister with an oyster'.
--"Willard R. Espy, 88, Scholar and Practitioner of
Wordplay," [4]New York Times, February 25, 1999

Winsome is from Old English wynsum, from wynn, "joy" + -sum
(equivalent to Modern English -some), "characterized by."

Synonyms: charming, engaging, winning. [5]Find more at

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