Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pearland, movin' on up

Pearland, the purported new political center of Brazoria County, is getting an Olive Garden in January.

Things just keep gettin' better & better in P'land. I guess that gasbag on the P'land City Council who thought the taxpayers should pony up the dough for a $38.5 million Rodeo Palace was right when he asserted that Brazoria County isn't a sleepy little county any more.

I mean, with an Olive Garden comin' to this hayseed county, how could you reach any other conclusion?


spyblocker said...
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hey Banjo somebody just spammed you above.

Anyway, I read that the 38.5 mil bond issue went down!

I am about to sue Dickinson Independnet Scholl District to prevent construction of a 12 mil football stadium! said...

See wut I meen! I went two dikcinson an I cain't spell, wattr they doin' spendin' munny on a futbal stajium?

Banjo Jones said...

they're spending $750,000 in Baytown, my old hometown, to put artificial turf on the ol' football field. they say it'll save on maintenance costs. said...

Let's see, if the average teacher in the Baytown district is paid $40K a year --- and I bet that's way too high of an estimate --- then "saving money" on the football field maintenance is costing the district the yearly salaries of just under 19 teachers.

And if this is "saving money" on the field maintenance, then ... how many teachers salaries does it already cost 'em?

I wonder if they have a $80K-plus a year "Athletic Director" with a bunch of assistants, like Dickinson?