Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mobil Travel Guide skips BrazCo

Once again, the eateries and hostelries of Brazoria County failed to make the Mobil Travel Guide. There was idle speculation that Hernandez's Mexican Restaurant in Freeport, the High Five in Churchill and the Zum Gasthaus in LJ might make the list this year, but it was not to be. Likewise, the Super 8 in LJ and the Winchester Lodge in Alvin had aspirations to be placed on the coveted hotel list, but they failed to make the cut.

The dining and hotel establishments in Texas that did make the cut were:

Mobil Five-Star Lodgings
The Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas

Mobil Four-Star Lodgings
Four Seasons Hotel Houston, Houston
Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas, Irving
Four Seasons Hotel Austin, Austin
The St. Regis Houston, Houston
Watermark Hotel & Spa, San Antonio

Mobil Four-Star Restaurants
Abacus, Dallas
Cafe at the Four Seasons, Austin
The French Room, Dallas
Le Reve, San Antonio
Nana, Dallas
Quattro, Houston
Restaurant at the Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas



Don Guillermo said...

Hola Banjo, Don Guillermo here.

Re: Lodging & restaurants.

What are some good value eateries for a hungry Aquaterian pilgrim rolling between Surfside and Houston?

The Gator and Oysters at that new Cajun place by Randall's weren't too bad I thought, although the fish and gumbo was so-so. I didn't see frog legs or BBQ rattlesnake on the menu though.

Shut down Long John Silver's, send it to Boston, just like happen in Galveston, that place is an insult to coastal inhabitants.

Banjo Jones said...

try Joe's Bar-b-q in Alvin, located on Hwy 6, just off the Hwy 35 bypass.

or, when in downtown Lake Jackson, try The Local. they have mighty fine soup and a vareity of other fine food.

Don Guillermo said...

Aquaterian Pilgrim: A vegetarian that eats primarily things that swim supplemented with landmeat only if killed and processed by one's own hands.

Always looking for BBQ joints that include gator, snake, duck/goose, fish, but they are hard to find.

Any stand out Latino joints with superb Sopa Mariscos in the area? And I mean reasonable ratios of octopus, razor clams and sea slugs to the shrimp and fish chunks, jalepenos and yam chunks.

Usually got to go all the way to Willie's to get reasonable oysters on the half shell.

Hasta La Vista!