Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Just sayin' no to the rodeo

The rodeo & fair people could have saved themselves a whole lotta trouble if they had done a simple telephone poll of 100 or so people in Brazoria County before they went and put a $38.5 million bond issue on the ballot to build a new rodeo palace in Angleton.

The telephone poll, which could have been conducted by a 7th grade civics class, would have come up with the same answer the voters came up with on Tuesday.

Now the rodeo & fair people, not to mention the Brazoria County Commissioners Court, look like nincompoops, since voters didn't just say "no" to the proposal ... they said "HELL no."

The final vote was: 20,256 (66.6%) AGAINST and 10,166 (33.4%) FOR.

The big loser in this may be County Judge John Willy. Instead of washing his hands of the whole thing by turning it over to a 31-member Blue Ribbon panel, and then stepping back and saying he wasn't gonna endorse or oppose the bond issue, he looks like an indecisive fence-sitter. He didn't please the Chamber-of-Commerce types who wanted to build a brand new rodeo palace, and he didn't please the taxpayer watchdog types who thought the bond proposal was a ridiculous, over-the-top idea that wasn't right for our beloved but humble Brazoria County.

Now there's no way he'll be re-elected over former Sheriff Joe King, who's jumping back into politics and looks to be the favorite in next spring's Republican primary race for the county judge's spot.

Of course, I could be wrong. If I am, feel free to leave a comment below.


JD Allen said...

I don't think you are wrong, I have no idea who will win the next contest between a jackass and a jerk in a primary or an election.

I am not just talking about King and Willy.

But why would you think that the County Commissioners and the rodeo and fair people aren't nincompoops? Haven't they proven it many times over?

kschlenker said...

Heck, I used to be a BCFA member, and I thought the whole thing was stupid. This is a rural county, and building a big useless city slicker fairgrounds would make Brazoria County a wannabe Houston.

We already have a bunch of Houstonians moving down here, citifying everything. I have never lived in Houston, and have never wanted the city life. Those who do, well, there's Houston. Move there, you'll probably be happier.

I couldn't figure out exactly who would benefit from this idiocy. I could only see a very few people in Angleton getting any kind of benefit--and everyone else in the county would pay for it. Brazoria County is quite a bit bigger than Angleton.

I am very happy that the bond issue was rejected by voters. But I am very unhappy that the idiots who pushed this have such a small respect for the voters of this county that they thought they could put this over on us.