Thursday, November 17, 2005

Emissions events never sleep

Chevron Phillips Chemical in Sweeny emitted a whole bunch more 1,3 Butadiene and benzene than originally reported a couple weeks ago during its 29-hour emissions event, but now they've corrected the record, because they care.

Nice weather we're having, eh? The heavier-than-usual smoke seen coming outta the Sweeny Refinery was due to
the addition of absorbent material into the regenerator flue gas line, in case you were curious.

Yeah, and BASF had a problem yesterday with a valve failure in the Syngas Unit. The emitted Butyraldehyde and other pollutants were routed to the flare per usual, so it's like it really didn't happen, in a way.

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Don Guillermo said...

Buenos Dias, BJ. DG here. Could you once in a while throw in a refresher course (artistic interpretation) BJ style on just what are those beautiful fireballs on the horizon among the fantastic networks of lighted architecture off to our left coming into Galveston on 45, on our right off 288 rolling into the island to Surfside, and north across West Galveston Bay off our decks and lookouts on West Island into BrazoriaCo?

And what price are we paying for enjoying that beauty?

Public service, education. Just for the sake of the increasing number of tourists and thousands of new coastal residents who enjoy them as a part of their scenic environment.

Muy recuerdos.